eggs and coffee.


who: founder of the Brow Up! and make up project.

what’s on your mind: the only thing on my mind is the Brow Up! and our masters’ attestation, it takes all my thoughts but gives so much energy back.)

tell us a little bit about your project: my project is a brow bar, such a small thing, but it can totally change your face. Eyebrows were always really important for me personally and now I want all girls to have an apportunity to get the best brows ever.

location: Moscow, Tribeca.


full english breakfast and delicious pancakes with cream.


who: owner of Tribeca restaurant, true sneaker fan.

what’s on your mind: I’m 100% concentrated on the restaurant now and I sincerely hope that it will make it successful.

who you dreamed to become when you was a child: when I was a kid i used to dream about walking out on the crowded stadium in my favorite teams jersey and shoot a decisive goal in 7th Stanley cup.

location: Moscow, Tribeca.