homemade shakshuka with salad, bread and coffee.


who: electronic engineering student, software programmer.

what’s on your mind: traveling, surfing, and coming up with a world changing start up.

what’s your most vivid memory from your army years: We were on a maintainance mission in a mine field on the syrian border. After a couple of hours we ran out of some vital equipment. My friends went to get some more, while me and another guy stayed there to wait for them. 3 a.m,full darkness, we are completely alone there surrounded by 3000 land mines. We find ourselves a square meter of mine-free land to sit on. We light a cigarrete, and start talking about a girl he broke up with. Then we talked about my girlfriend. Eventually when we heared the rest of the team coming back he turns off the cigarette and says with a very radiophonic voice as if he is finishing a broadcast: «And these were 20 minutes about love in a mine field».

location: Tel Aviv, Hirschenberg street.


millefeuille and some tea.


who: translator, philologist. Working in a Holocaust Compensation Fund.

what’s on your mind: travelling, education, family, Ukraine,relationship, rock, hatred, senselessness.

describe your perfect job: I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I am pretty sure that any job is getting boring with time. So my perfect job should be connected with lots of changes and impressions. Rock star sounds fine.

location: Tel Aviv, Delicatessen.


salmon sandwich and fresh orange-carrot juice.


who: motion designer, photographer.

what’s on your mind: sleep, Leila, Guinness, realflow, new pair of toms, עברית, traveling, my family, hamster:)

why did you decide to move to Tel Aviv: don’t know, it just happened.

location: Tel Aviv, Segal cafe.