green tea cheesecake and sea buckthorn tea.


who: gemmology student.

what’s on your mind: the upcoming Gemmology Foundation exam.

why did you choose gemmology as your new specialization: I appreciate and value true beauty, gemmology combines it as well as opens a path to successful business opportunities, I believe it’s a perfect plan for my future.

location: London, L’Eto cafe.


full english breakfast and delicious pancakes with cream.


who: owner of Tribeca restaurant, true sneaker fan.

what’s on your mind: I’m 100% concentrated on the restaurant now and I sincerely hope that it will make it successful.

who you dreamed to become when you was a child: when I was a kid i used to dream about walking out on the crowded stadium in my favorite teams jersey and shoot a decisive goal in 7th Stanley cup.

location: Moscow, Tribeca.



pastrami sandwich and tea with oranges, mint and ginger.


who: student, positive thinker a bit of  philosopher.

what’s on your mind: staying positive and being happy.

what’s the best thing about living in Berlin: we have great people from all parts of the World and they bring culture diversity.
So Berlin is very liberal and tolerant, just great for living!

location: Berlin, Luigi Zuckermann.


apple fritters, oatmeal with jam and nuts and some tea.


who: hairstylist.

what’s on your mind: family,friends and love come first, work, creativity, literature, self-education, healthy and balanced diet, traveling, meditation, searching new horizons, keeping my heart open for those who need it.

what’s the biggest inspiration in your life: music, religion, open-minded persons with theirs own philosophy.

location: Moscow, MariVanna.


buckwheat and tea.


who: designer of the fashion brands Kira Plastinina and LUBLU Kira Plastinina, Meadows School or Arts student, loving sister and the owner of the two cutest doggies ever — Adele and Pippa.

what’s on your mind: my next Spring Summer 2014 collection and the opening of the first LUBLU monobrand boutique in Dallas.

best thing about being a designer: the best thing is that I have an opportunity to come up with new clothes and have them made exactly the way I want it. Another best thing is the feedback that I get from my clients — seeing them happy and excited to wear the clothes that I design.

location: Moscow, Chips.


millefeuille and some tea.


who: translator, philologist. Working in a Holocaust Compensation Fund.

what’s on your mind: travelling, education, family, Ukraine,relationship, rock, hatred, senselessness.

describe your perfect job: I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I am pretty sure that any job is getting boring with time. So my perfect job should be connected with lots of changes and impressions. Rock star sounds fine.

location: Tel Aviv, Delicatessen.