cottage cheese pancakes with berry sauce and some cappuccino.


who: CEO and Founder of Bite Russia.

what’s on your mind: make healthy lifestyle affordable and tasty for all people.

what’s the best thing about being a young mum: you know that you have accomplished something. And that there always will be someone, who loves you the most.

what’s the best thing about being a businesswoman: to see that people get it!!! They love and incorporate in there life Bite. They change their attitude towards food, nutrition and sport towards healthier choices.

location: Moscow, Brasserie Most.



wild mushroom tart with salad.


who: PR at, columnist at

what’s on your mind: for the past two months all my thoughts have been concentrated on one small secret which, I hope, will come to life soon.

if you could move to another city right now which city would it be: I think I would’t move right now because I love Moscow and that special energy in here. But in the future I would love to live firstly in New York, than in Tel Aviv and than in some beautiful european city.

location: Moscow, Kuznetsky Most 20.

Sveta E