salmon bruschetta and some latte.


who: stylist and fashion editor at Cosmopolitan Shopping Russia.

what’s on your mind: to be in harmony with myself, to enjoy life while i’m on my way to achieving my goals.

where would you spend your perfect vacation: most importantly, i want people i love to be close to me. And the place could be anywhere in the World.

location: Moscow, Zupperia.


apple fritters, oatmeal with jam and nuts and some tea.


who: hairstylist.

what’s on your mind: family,friends and love come first, work, creativity, literature, self-education, healthy and balanced diet, traveling, meditation, searching new horizons, keeping my heart open for those who need it.

what’s the biggest inspiration in your life: music, religion, open-minded persons with theirs own philosophy.

location: Moscow, MariVanna.


oatmeal with berries and fresh orange juice.


who: DJ, stylist, model, novice blogger at

what’s on your mind: planning my trips to Europe, thinking up new posts for the blog, making long lasting plans.

your perfect vacation: my lovely boyfriend, my friends, ocean, sun and islands! Dreaming of a road trip in the USA, hope we’ll do it soon. But I actually I feel happy everywhere when my favorite people are around.)

location: Moscow, FF restaurant and bar.





pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages.


who: stylist, young fashion designer. addicted to sweets.

what’s on your mind: more and more often i think about how good it is somewhere where there is no us.want to go somewhere far away and for a long time. to relax and recharge. but actually all my thoughts are about work and love.

location: Moscow, Le Pain Quotidien at Belorusskaya.