omelette with salad, croissants, juice and coffee.


who: student at Sorbonne University.

what’s on your mind: my family and friends, exams, Louis Garrel’s new movie and future trip to Barcelona.

what’s the best thing about living in Paris and is there something you miss about Moscow: the best thing about living here is that there is no limit in admiring this amazing city with all it’s beauty and history. Paris is my biggest love and I enjoy every day of my life here. Architecture, food, people, atmosphere.. J’adore tout!
Moscow is my hometown, but we don’t have any special relationships. I don’t miss anything there but my family and friends. As soon as I moved to Paris, moments that we spend together have become very special to me, truly priceless.

location: Paris, Paris — London cafe.


salmon sandwich and fresh orange-carrot juice.


who: motion designer, photographer.

what’s on your mind: sleep, Leila, Guinness, realflow, new pair of toms, עברית, traveling, my family, hamster:)

why did you decide to move to Tel Aviv: don’t know, it just happened.

location: Tel Aviv, Segal cafe.


wild mushroom tart with salad.


who: PR at, columnist at

what’s on your mind: for the past two months all my thoughts have been concentrated on one small secret which, I hope, will come to life soon.

if you could move to another city right now which city would it be: I think I would’t move right now because I love Moscow and that special energy in here. But in the future I would love to live firstly in New York, than in Tel Aviv and than in some beautiful european city.

location: Moscow, Kuznetsky Most 20.

Sveta E