oatmeal with berries and grapefruit juice.


who: restless searcher of the answer «who am I?». In the meantime head of pr-department in Kira Plastinina Company, workaholic, snowboard-and shoes-addicted girl.

what’s on your mind: to do MBA, to learn history of arts, to find antisleeping pills.

who you dreamed to become when you was a child: to become a boss or a boy. Luckily not all of our dreams came true )))

location: Brasserie Most, Moscow.



wild mushroom tart with salad.


who: PR at takeabite.ru, columnist at the-Village.ru

what’s on your mind: for the past two months all my thoughts have been concentrated on one small secret which, I hope, will come to life soon.

if you could move to another city right now which city would it be: I think I would’t move right now because I love Moscow and that special energy in here. But in the future I would love to live firstly in New York, than in Tel Aviv and than in some beautiful european city.

location: Moscow, Kuznetsky Most 20.

Sveta E

granola with berries, tea and cupcake.


who: PR-manager of «Rusmoda» (Alexander Terekhov, IRO, American Retro), journalist.

what’s on your mind: love, Terekhov’s show, Jean Cocteau, lists and calls to guests, opening of American Retro, need to download «Gruppo di famiglia in un interno» movie, it should be always +26.

location: Moscow, Friends Forever at B. Dmitrovskiy.