omelette with salad, croissants, juice and coffee.


who: student at Sorbonne University.

what’s on your mind: my family and friends, exams, Louis Garrel’s new movie and future trip to Barcelona.

what’s the best thing about living in Paris and is there something you miss about Moscow: the best thing about living here is that there is no limit in admiring this amazing city with all it’s beauty and history. Paris is my biggest love and I enjoy every day of my life here. Architecture, food, people, atmosphere.. J’adore tout!
Moscow is my hometown, but we don’t have any special relationships. I don’t miss anything there but my family and friends. As soon as I moved to Paris, moments that we spend together have become very special to me, truly priceless.

location: Paris, Paris — London cafe.


almond croissant and cappuccino.


who: designer and owner of Die_blonde fashion accessories brand.

what’s on your mind: hand-made party for die_blonde lovers and home made theatre for guests at my birthday party and opening of online store next week of course. : )

your perfect city to live in: i’d like to live in Paris or Saint Petersburg. but i can live only in Moscow.

location: Moscow, Paul at Tverskaya street.

cottage cheese pancakes and tea with lemon.


who: buyer at TSUM Young Fashion Department.

what’s on your mind: trip to Paris  — the best city in the World.

best thing about your job: opportunity to be the first to see new collections of my favorite brands in showrooms.

location: Moscow, Il Forno at Neglinnaya street

baguette et viennoise au chocolat.


who: model agent and fashion blogger, living his life as a it’s everyday the last day to show what is fashion!

what’s on your mind: The envy to show what fashion is and how fashion can be understand. Music influences me a lot, as Art is important in our life. I want to show everybody how to be different and normal, fashion is just the real life since the very beginning of the human!

location: Paris, Jardin des Tuileries.