blueberry pancakes and americano.


who: marketing specialist, JTI.

what’s on your mind: I’m a terrible workaholic, enjoying my job so much that I’m ready to work 24 hours 7 days a week. The only thing that can make me feel happier than my work is a good food. So what I was thinking lately is that today we have sooo many various options to have a great food in Moscow. Hotestly, I can’t remember me choosing between that many good places to have dinner in. And it’s amasing!!! I went to three different places I’ve never been before on the last weekend and I can’t even describe how amased I was. I really really hope this trend will stay positive!

what’s your favorite spot in Moscow: Carabas and Mendeleev bars are my forever loves. Carabas is the best place in Moscow to meet friends on Friday evening, have couple of drinks (and yes they do have the best cocktails in town). And what can I say about Mendeleev…it’s all about the music <3

location: Moscow, Nude coffee and wine bar.


full english breakfast and delicious pancakes with cream.


who: owner of Tribeca restaurant, true sneaker fan.

what’s on your mind: I’m 100% concentrated on the restaurant now and I sincerely hope that it will make it successful.

who you dreamed to become when you was a child: when I was a kid i used to dream about walking out on the crowded stadium in my favorite teams jersey and shoot a decisive goal in 7th Stanley cup.

location: Moscow, Tribeca.



steak and eggs, pancakes with maple syrup and orange juice.


who: DJ at Moscow FM, bartender, the one and only Mr. Awesome.

what’s on your mind: Food. I’m always thinking about food

what’s the best thing about Moscow and what’s the worst one: The people in Moscow are really cool.I have met some amazing people in Moscow.  And the worst one is the traffic. Why are there traffic jams at 4 o’clock in the morning??????

location: Moscow, Beverly Hills Diner at Sretenka.


pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages.


who: stylist, young fashion designer. addicted to sweets.

what’s on your mind: more and more often i think about how good it is somewhere where there is no us.want to go somewhere far away and for a long time. to relax and recharge. but actually all my thoughts are about work and love.

location: Moscow, Le Pain Quotidien at Belorusskaya.