oatmeal with banana and nuts and a cappuccino.


who: CEO & co-founder at Periodica App — your private family printing house.

what’s on your mind: Christmas mood, gift-list for my friends & family.

what’s your current biggest and most important plan: audience growth for the App, meet new people I can be inspired of.

location: Moscow, Simachev shop&bar.


apple fritters, oatmeal with jam and nuts and some tea.


who: hairstylist.

what’s on your mind: family,friends and love come first, work, creativity, literature, self-education, healthy and balanced diet, traveling, meditation, searching new horizons, keeping my heart open for those who need it.

what’s the biggest inspiration in your life: music, religion, open-minded persons with theirs own philosophy.

location: Moscow, MariVanna.


oatmeal with nuts + coffee and orange juice.


who: blogger.

what’s on your mind:  beautiful Moscow fulfilled with sunshine. The city is so wonderful during  the summer.

how do you see yourself 10 years later: I’m going to live between Europe, USA and Moscow, still writing about fashion. Will work as a buyer, while continuing to write for my blog, will do some charity and definitely will travel too much.

location: Moscow, Denis Simachev shop&bar.