cottage cheese pancakes and some coffee.


who: PR director of dairy Ruzskoe Moloko.

what’s on your mind: the launch of our new website —

what you like the most about your job: the opportunity to learn more about real sector: agriculture, food production, meeting interesting people and of course I enjoy my job because I’m milk-products addict.

location: Moscow, Dr. Zhivago.


cashew milk and some muesli.


who: founder of Organic Religion.

what’s on your mind: I want to achieve all my goals this year and succeed in all parts of my life.

what’s your favorite detox ingredient: my favorite detox ingredient is celery, it has a huge amount of powerful antioxidants in it.

location: Moscow, Healthy Space.



coffee, milk, flakes and pie.

Anya with Berta and Yasha.

who: employed as a Media Service Director for OMD, Moscow branch. loving mother and wife.

what’s on your mind: life is wonderful, you just need to see it.

describe your perfect weekend: going to our warm beautiful country house all together with kids and friends.

location: Moscow, Anya’s place.