cottage cheese pancakes, croissant and some coffee.


who: ballerina at the Bolshoi Theatre.

what’s on your mind: spring!!)))

what’s the best thing and what’s the worst thing about your profession: the best things are applause and the pleasure of being on stage. And the worst might be working very hard every day and keeping myself in a good shape.

location: Moscow, Akademiya at Gogolevsky bulvar.


benedict eggs, coffee and some fresh orange juice.


who: Fancy Crew founder.

what’s on your mind:  Fancy birthday, business planing, best friends’ wedding.

what do you think is the most interesting part of working on your own store: it takes a while from the first time you see the garment on a trade show till it becomes one’s garment. When I see that the selection I’ve made is appreciated by our clients I understand that everything I’ve done so far was worth the effort.

location: Saxon + Parole, Moscow.


cashew milk and some muesli.


who: founder of Organic Religion.

what’s on your mind: I want to achieve all my goals this year and succeed in all parts of my life.

what’s your favorite detox ingredient: my favorite detox ingredient is celery, it has a huge amount of powerful antioxidants in it.

location: Moscow, Healthy Space.



chicken soup, fruit juice and some latte.

Masha and Vika.

who: founders of the new jewelry brand «Rock Ma Vie».

what’s on your mind: summer is coming, the brightest season when all you wanna do is walking, dancing and dressing up. We would really like to see Rock Ma Vie jewelry on beautiful debonair girls. This spring we launched the collection made of silver and gilding with fianits of every color of the rainbow. We hope they gonna become popular not only in Moscow, but also among girls from other cities and countries. Soon you’ll see our new bracelets with provocative instagram hashtags, we think those would be only for brave fashionistas. We’re dreaming that soon our pieces will be on all most beautiful hands and you’ll see it all around instagram.

why have you decided to launch your own jewelry brand: we were always interested in jewelry. Just before St. Valentine’s day we decided to try creating something by ourselves — rings with pearls and hearts and the ones with letters became really popular. This was very inspiring and we continued to implement our ideas. It is so cool to do what we like and what we wear with pleasure and it’s even cooler when we see so many pretty girls wearing our rings and earrings.

location: Moscow, Christian.


chia pudding and pineapple-banana-spirulina juice.


who: chef at Fresh and owner of a beach restaurant in Mexico.

what’s on your mind: I think and wish every day to be Abel to take part of a project that the main thing is not just about how to look good and sexy. To really show the people the real matrix in which we are living on this days, and make them wake up. To be able to share my knowledge showing them that we really are what we eat. To show another healthy alternative of fiddling which will change their mood, physic and life, making them more positive. Creating a collective evolution of love towards the Mother Nature and the human’s beings.

what do you like to cook the most and what’s the best thing about working in Moscow:  I’m very into the super food. I am experimenting all kind of combinations like guacamole with spirulina and different sprouts that my girl grows at home every day. If it’s just about me, I like to cook simple things like salads, noodles or any fresh product that we have on the fridge. Some wine and just relax and enjoy with some nice ambient music.
For sure is that after one year and a half in Moscow I now much better the culture and the city, I can understand the mood and temperament of the Russian people. I can say that it has been the best experience of my life and I’m very grateful to all the people who made this possible.

location: Moscow, Fresh.



oatmeal with dried apricots and raisins, latte and fresh orange juice.


who: fashion director and producer.

what’s on your mind: to give beauty to the world, to show it’s face in a professional way, to cultivate good taste and be happy in my own micro world.

who’s the best model in your opinion: I have much in common with Naomi Campbell — dream and it’s embodiment.

location: Moscow, Correa’s at ul. Gasheka.


oatmeal with berries and grapefruit juice.


who: restless searcher of the answer «who am I?». In the meantime head of pr-department in Kira Plastinina Company, workaholic, snowboard-and shoes-addicted girl.

what’s on your mind: to do MBA, to learn history of arts, to find antisleeping pills.

who you dreamed to become when you was a child: to become a boss or a boy. Luckily not all of our dreams came true )))

location: Brasserie Most, Moscow.



oatmeal with berries and fresh orange juice.


who: DJ, stylist, model, novice blogger at

what’s on your mind: planning my trips to Europe, thinking up new posts for the blog, making long lasting plans.

your perfect vacation: my lovely boyfriend, my friends, ocean, sun and islands! Dreaming of a road trip in the USA, hope we’ll do it soon. But I actually I feel happy everywhere when my favorite people are around.)

location: Moscow, FF restaurant and bar.





granola with strawberry and fresh orange juice.


who: owner of Bling Blings store, co-owner of Hostel Dom and editor in Veter Magazine

what’s on your mind: where to get a DVD projector for my countryside party and when I’ll get my first cucumbers and tomato from my balcony garden.

your favorite place in the city: I live on Frunzenskaya, so my favorite places are Gorky Park, Frunsenskaya embankment with a new bicycle path and the Apple alley on the 3rd Frunzenskaya street.

location: Moscow, Black Market.