breakfast burger + coffee.


who: brand-chef & co-owner of Friends Forever Company (I love Cake, Friends Forever Cafe, Favorite pub).

what’s on your mind: new menu, new cake, new colors, new flavors, New York.

what’s your favorite dish/thing to cook: no matter what to cook, you have to feel the taste…

location: Moscow, Favorite pub.

granola with berries, tea and cupcake.


who: PR-manager of «Rusmoda» (Alexander Terekhov, IRO, American Retro), journalist.

what’s on your mind: love, Terekhov’s show, Jean Cocteau, lists and calls to guests, opening of American Retro, need to download «Gruppo di famiglia in un interno» movie, it should be always +26.

location: Moscow, Friends Forever at B. Dmitrovskiy.