salmon bruschetta and some latte.


who: stylist and fashion editor at Cosmopolitan Shopping Russia.

what’s on your mind: to be in harmony with myself, to enjoy life while i’m on my way to achieving my goals.

where would you spend your perfect vacation: most importantly, i want people i love to be close to me. And the place could be anywhere in the World.

location: Moscow, Zupperia.


salmon sandwich and a cappuccino.


who: junior fashion editor at Glamour Magazine Russia.

what’s on your mind: I wish I could illegally download clothes.©

when you were choosing your path in the beginning, why you decided to go for fashion: inspired by beautiful and stylish people, amazing clothes seen on the screen and in few glossies available in ma childhood. I knew I would deal with it since I saw ma mom’s L’Officiel magazine for the first time in early 90’s.

location: Moscow, Saxone and Parole.


yogurt with jam and coffee.


who: fashion editor at and

what’s on your mind: Love. My trip to Bali with my dearest friend.

name two of your favorite fashion designers: Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff (Meadham Kirchhoff), sisters Mulleavy (Rodarte) and Alessandro Dell’Acqua (No. 21) inspire me.

location: Moscow, Coffeemania at Nikitskaya.