buckwheat and tea.


who: designer of the fashion brands Kira Plastinina and LUBLU Kira Plastinina, Meadows School or Arts student, loving sister and the owner of the two cutest doggies ever — Adele and Pippa.

what’s on your mind: my next Spring Summer 2014 collection and the opening of the first LUBLU monobrand boutique in Dallas.

best thing about being a designer: the best thing is that I have an opportunity to come up with new clothes and have them made exactly the way I want it. Another best thing is the feedback that I get from my clients — seeing them happy and excited to wear the clothes that I design.

location: Moscow, Chips.


pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages.


who: stylist, young fashion designer. addicted to sweets.

what’s on your mind: more and more often i think about how good it is somewhere where there is no us.want to go somewhere far away and for a long time. to relax and recharge. but actually all my thoughts are about work and love.

location: Moscow, Le Pain Quotidien at Belorusskaya.