oatmeal with berries and fresh orange juice.


who: DJ, stylist, model, novice blogger at fedorovablog.com.

what’s on your mind: planning my trips to Europe, thinking up new posts for the blog, making long lasting plans.

your perfect vacation: my lovely boyfriend, my friends, ocean, sun and islands! Dreaming of a road trip in the USA, hope we’ll do it soon. But I actually I feel happy everywhere when my favorite people are around.)

location: Moscow, FF restaurant and bar.





steak and eggs, pancakes with maple syrup and orange juice.


who: DJ at Moscow FM, bartender, the one and only Mr. Awesome.

what’s on your mind: Food. I’m always thinking about food

what’s the best thing about Moscow and what’s the worst one: The people in Moscow are really cool.I have met some amazing people in Moscow.  And the worst one is the traffic. Why are there traffic jams at 4 o’clock in the morning??????

location: Moscow, Beverly Hills Diner at Sretenka.


sandwich and some fresh orange juice.


Who: DJ, journalist and creator of famous Love Boat parties at Solyanka.

What’s on your mind: always lots of different thoughts. But during the breakfast I was mostly thinking about how great everything turns out.

Music hit for all times and situations: Gloria Gaynor’s «I will Survive».

Location: Barcelona, Breakfast bar.