oatmeal with dried apricots and raisins, latte and fresh orange juice.


who: fashion director and producer.

what’s on your mind: to give beauty to the world, to show it’s face in a professional way, to cultivate good taste and be happy in my own micro world.

who’s the best model in your opinion: I have much in common with Naomi Campbell — dream and it’s embodiment.

location: Moscow, Correa’s at ul. Gasheka.


oatmeal with caramel, cappuccino and americano.

Julia and Alisa.

who: designers for RUBAN brand.

what’s on your mind: at the moment all our thought are concentrated on our runway that will take place in April.

if it wasn’t fashion, what would your life be about: it is so hard to say. we can’t imagine ourselves in some other sphere. we always wanted to do something in fashion. what we are doing now, it was absolutely predetermined.

location: Moscow, Correa’s at Gruzinskaya street.