chicken soup, fruit juice and some latte.

Masha and Vika.

who: founders of the new jewelry brand «Rock Ma Vie».

what’s on your mind: summer is coming, the brightest season when all you wanna do is walking, dancing and dressing up. We would really like to see Rock Ma Vie jewelry on beautiful debonair girls. This spring we launched the collection made of silver and gilding with fianits of every color of the rainbow. We hope they gonna become popular not only in Moscow, but also among girls from other cities and countries. Soon you’ll see our new bracelets with provocative instagram hashtags, we think those would be only for brave fashionistas. We’re dreaming that soon our pieces will be on all most beautiful hands and you’ll see it all around instagram.

why have you decided to launch your own jewelry brand: we were always interested in jewelry. Just before St. Valentine’s day we decided to try creating something by ourselves — rings with pearls and hearts and the ones with letters became really popular. This was very inspiring and we continued to implement our ideas. It is so cool to do what we like and what we wear with pleasure and it’s even cooler when we see so many pretty girls wearing our rings and earrings.

location: Moscow, Christian.