burger and quesadilla with some juice.


Who: PR specialist and blogger.

What’s on your mind: I love summer! I think it’s an amazing season. And I really enjoy spending it in Moscow.

What’s your favorite place in Moscow: I’m a terrible sweet tooth, for me the best places in Moscow are confectioneries and different sweet-oriented cafes! One of my favorites is Upside Down Cake, it is close to my home. And it the closest future they will open Maglolia Bakery (famous cafe chain from New York) in Moscow. It will open its doors on the corner of Rozhdestvenka and Kuznetsky most streets. Magnolia are famous by their cupcakes and other desserts. By the way this cafe was often visited by «Sex an the City» heroines.

location: Moscow, Respublica cafe


breakfast burger + coffee.


who: brand-chef & co-owner of Friends Forever Company (I love Cake, Friends Forever Cafe, Favorite pub).

what’s on your mind: new menu, new cake, new colors, new flavors, New York.

what’s your favorite dish/thing to cook: no matter what to cook, you have to feel the taste…

location: Moscow, Favorite pub.