oatmeal with banana and nuts and a cappuccino.


who: CEO & co-founder at Periodica App — your private family printing house.

what’s on your mind: Christmas mood, gift-list for my friends & family.

what’s your current biggest and most important plan: audience growth for the App, meet new people I can be inspired of.

location: Moscow, Simachev shop&bar.


«vatrushki», blueberry and some tea.

Ksusha and Toby.

who: artist, illustrator.

what’s on your mind: ideas for children’s book illustration, my own projects with gift cards and our beloved brainchild — studio SAP.

when and why did you decide to devote your life to drawing and illustrations: I can’t even remember how it happened as if I had nothing decided about it by myself. In my childhood I was often ill and stayed at home. And when once attending finally the kindergarden our teacher there paid my mother’s attention to that I was always drawing instead of playing with other children.
And from that very moment my life has changed completely- I’ve made my path of learning. Till the third year of primary school I was preparing to enter to the Moscow Academic Lyceum of Russian Academy of Arts. I passed my exams there. It was not that easy thing you know. But finally I entered this wonderful place where pupils were studying general as well as special subjects like painting, drawing, composition and e.c.
I studied there seven years and then more six years at University where I’ve devoted myself to children’s book illustration. Every year we passed special exam — illustration of book. My final work was «The Wind In The Willows» and the project with gift postcards!
Now I have a lot of work.
Recently we’ve opened a studio with different workshops and possibility to paint there.
Now I have great plans for the future.

location: Moscow, Secret Artists Place.


cottage cheese pancakes, fresh croissants and coffee.


who: choreographer, director of Ksenia Belaya’s Dance Studio.

what’s on your mind: preparations for anniversary concert. My school was founded 16 years ago.

what’s the most difficult thing about having your own ballet studio: I think it is constant psychological pressure and responsibility for my project. Responsibility for what has already been done, for all the people that work for you and with you and the children you work for. Sometimes you think about the studio 24 hours a day. Believe me, it’s hard.

location: Moscow, Bouchon.



cottage cheese pancakes, croissant and some coffee.


who: ballerina at the Bolshoi Theatre.

what’s on your mind: spring!!)))

what’s the best thing and what’s the worst thing about your profession: the best things are applause and the pleasure of being on stage. And the worst might be working very hard every day and keeping myself in a good shape.

location: Moscow, Akademiya at Gogolevsky bulvar.


cottage cheese pancakes and some coffee.


who: PR director of dairy Ruzskoe Moloko.

what’s on your mind: the launch of our new website — russkoe-moloko.ru

what you like the most about your job: the opportunity to learn more about real sector: agriculture, food production, meeting interesting people and of course I enjoy my job because I’m milk-products addict.

location: Moscow, Dr. Zhivago.


blueberry pancakes and americano.


who: marketing specialist, JTI.

what’s on your mind: I’m a terrible workaholic, enjoying my job so much that I’m ready to work 24 hours 7 days a week. The only thing that can make me feel happier than my work is a good food. So what I was thinking lately is that today we have sooo many various options to have a great food in Moscow. Hotestly, I can’t remember me choosing between that many good places to have dinner in. And it’s amasing!!! I went to three different places I’ve never been before on the last weekend and I can’t even describe how amased I was. I really really hope this trend will stay positive!

what’s your favorite spot in Moscow: Carabas and Mendeleev bars are my forever loves. Carabas is the best place in Moscow to meet friends on Friday evening, have couple of drinks (and yes they do have the best cocktails in town). And what can I say about Mendeleev…it’s all about the music <3

location: Moscow, Nude coffee and wine bar.


toast with poached egg and avocado and some cappuccino.


who: happy mom and co-founder of BUY BY ME.

what’s on your mind: once I’ve read that after giving birth to your child you will never be alone in your life, even in your thoughts. I realized this is totally true. That’s why my sweet bun, my son Andrew is always on my mind and in my thoughts!
Two years ago my second “child” was born – online-shop BUY BY ME. With my girls Yana and Sally we’re putting our souls and our energy in the project, sometimes even choosing photo for the instagram requires so much responsibility!

what’s the perfect way to celebrate St. Valentine’s day: February 14th is birthday of my best friend Veronika Fedorchenko. There will be a huge party, can’t imagine better St. Valentine’s celebration!

location: Moscow, Buro Canteen.


green tea cheesecake and sea buckthorn tea.


who: gemmology student.

what’s on your mind: the upcoming Gemmology Foundation exam.

why did you choose gemmology as your new specialization: I appreciate and value true beauty, gemmology combines it as well as opens a path to successful business opportunities, I believe it’s a perfect plan for my future.

location: London, L’Eto cafe.