breakfast version of Skagen with orange bread, mascarpone-vanilla yogurt with fresh berries, oat & nuts, fruit-drink.


who: chef of Orange 3 Restaurant.

what’s on your mind: I have been living and working now 4 months here in Moscow. I found that very interesting to be here, learning this new culture, new city, new country, brand new kitchen and beautiful restaurant Orange 3. And of course, learning to know Moscow people. At the moment biggest professional challenge in my life is that how can I find all the best and high-quality products to my kitchen. It takes some time to find them. I have to be very patient with this, it’s not possible to have everything in couple of months. They said that Moscow was not built in a day ….. So, that’s what I am thinking now, I have to believe them. And again, have to say that it is super-beautiful to see how my kitchen-crew is better every day. They are very excited and very hungry to learn new things. Here as well, I have to be very patient and persistent – but no worries, this is one of the strongest parts of me.)

what’s your favorite dish to cook at home:  I don’t like to spend many hours just to cook at home, so I keep everything as simple as possible. Fresh, very healthy salad, all these products what are now fresh, lots of vegetables, maybe some  roasted  fish or chicken. And very important always very tasty dressing  for all that. But I have to say that more interesting than cooking at home at the moment is to go out and to see as many restaurants as possible. I like to know what is hot in Moscow, what kind of restaurants here are, how is the food quality etc. Now in 4 months I have been eating out in 30 different restaurants and tried their dishes. Your turn to try mine.

location: Moscow, Orange 3.


homemade shakshuka with salad, bread and coffee.


who: electronic engineering student, software programmer.

what’s on your mind: traveling, surfing, and coming up with a world changing start up.

what’s your most vivid memory from your army years: We were on a maintainance mission in a mine field on the syrian border. After a couple of hours we ran out of some vital equipment. My friends went to get some more, while me and another guy stayed there to wait for them. 3 a.m,full darkness, we are completely alone there surrounded by 3000 land mines. We find ourselves a square meter of mine-free land to sit on. We light a cigarrete, and start talking about a girl he broke up with. Then we talked about my girlfriend. Eventually when we heared the rest of the team coming back he turns off the cigarette and says with a very radiophonic voice as if he is finishing a broadcast: «And these were 20 minutes about love in a mine field».

location: Tel Aviv, Hirschenberg street.


cheese, bread, fruits and hot chocolate.


who: private event planner and owner of WeDoAgency .

what’s on your mind: the start of my official web site and my closest events — 3 birthday parties on the same day.

where would you celebrate YOUR wedding: If it’s going to be a small wedding then I would prefer to have it near the sea in Europe. If the wedding will be big in terms of guests I would love to celebrate it in Moscow in a wonderful hotel such as this one.

location: Moscow, Radisson Royal Hotel, Veranda restaurant.