granola with strawberry and fresh orange juice.


who: owner of Bling Blings store, co-owner of Hostel Dom and editor in Veter Magazine

what’s on your mind: where to get a DVD projector for my countryside party and when I’ll get my first cucumbers and tomato from my balcony garden.

your favorite place in the city: I live on Frunzenskaya, so my favorite places are Gorky Park, Frunsenskaya embankment with a new bicycle path and the Apple alley on the 3rd Frunzenskaya street.

location: Moscow, Black Market.



hand-rolled cottage cheese cakes with strawberry and chemex coffee.


who: co-owner of a supper club «Stay hungry».

what’s on your mind:  i’d be glad to say that it’s my new projects that i’m starting, but come on, it’s almost summer! It’s only fun and love on my mind now

if you would open your own personal restaraunt/cafe, what would it be like: there would be great coffee, there would always be free water, free wifi and the cutest and nicest waiters,  if i couldn’t find them i’d work as a waiter by myself.

location: Moscow, Black Market