oatmeal with banana and nuts and a cappuccino.


who: CEO & co-founder at Periodica App — your private family printing house.

what’s on your mind: Christmas mood, gift-list for my friends & family.

what’s your current biggest and most important plan: audience growth for the App, meet new people I can be inspired of.

location: Moscow, Simachev shop&bar.


smoothie + banana.


who: co-owner of Rocky Road Gym.

what’s on your mind: I’m happy that I can do what I truly love. Glad that with my work I’m giving confidence, health and perhaps a bit of joy and happiness to people. This is an amazing feeling.

what’s the best thing about Rocky Road Gym: that we’re the best gym. We’ve created a really cool project. We have this special family atmosphere which actually should be in a place like this and really good trainers. People coming to our gym and they feel they are part of our family. We’re also working out in the same gym with our clients and that creates really unique energetics!

location: Moscow, Rocky Road Gym.


chia pudding and pineapple-banana-spirulina juice.


who: chef at Fresh and owner of a beach restaurant in Mexico.

what’s on your mind: I think and wish every day to be Abel to take part of a project that the main thing is not just about how to look good and sexy. To really show the people the real matrix in which we are living on this days, and make them wake up. To be able to share my knowledge showing them that we really are what we eat. To show another healthy alternative of fiddling which will change their mood, physic and life, making them more positive. Creating a collective evolution of love towards the Mother Nature and the human’s beings.

what do you like to cook the most and what’s the best thing about working in Moscow:  I’m very into the super food. I am experimenting all kind of combinations like guacamole with spirulina and different sprouts that my girl grows at home every day. If it’s just about me, I like to cook simple things like salads, noodles or any fresh product that we have on the fridge. Some wine and just relax and enjoy with some nice ambient music.
For sure is that after one year and a half in Moscow I now much better the culture and the city, I can understand the mood and temperament of the Russian people. I can say that it has been the best experience of my life and I’m very grateful to all the people who made this possible.

location: Moscow, Fresh.



chia seeds pudding with banana and date+almond smoothie.


who: eco-friendly vegan blogger, creator of Wholesomeway .

what’s on your mind: design for new accessories, astrology mineral meaning.

why did you choose vegan way of leaving: now it seems so natural and obvious to me. Vegan way of life gives a lot of energy for sports and great mood. I’m choosing life in harmony with nature. I’m enjoying nature’s beauty while having nothing in common with the cruelty applied to animals and sea creatures.

location: Moscow, Fresh.