avocado toast and almond milk latte.


who: co-founder of MYLKco.

what’s on your mind: our almond milk and vacation which is probably not going to happen during this year.

what’s your favorite MYLKco flavor and what other new flavors going to appear in the nearest feature: my fav one is COCO, it reminds me of the sea.:) There will be a lot of new flavors! For now it’s a secret, but there will be new flavor each season. Next one is coming in 1,5 months!

location: Moscow, Tochka Store.


toast with poached egg and avocado and some cappuccino.


who: happy mom and co-founder of BUY BY ME.

what’s on your mind: once I’ve read that after giving birth to your child you will never be alone in your life, even in your thoughts. I realized this is totally true. That’s why my sweet bun, my son Andrew is always on my mind and in my thoughts!
Two years ago my second “child” was born – online-shop BUY BY ME. With my girls Yana and Sally we’re putting our souls and our energy in the project, sometimes even choosing photo for the instagram requires so much responsibility!

what’s the perfect way to celebrate St. Valentine’s day: February 14th is birthday of my best friend Veronika Fedorchenko. There will be a huge party, can’t imagine better St. Valentine’s celebration!

location: Moscow, Buro Canteen.