«vatrushki», blueberry and some tea.

Ksusha and Toby.

who: artist, illustrator.

what’s on your mind: ideas for children’s book illustration, my own projects with gift cards and our beloved brainchild — studio SAP.

when and why did you decide to devote your life to drawing and illustrations: I can’t even remember how it happened as if I had nothing decided about it by myself. In my childhood I was often ill and stayed at home. And when once attending finally the kindergarden our teacher there paid my mother’s attention to that I was always drawing instead of playing with other children.
And from that very moment my life has changed completely- I’ve made my path of learning. Till the third year of primary school I was preparing to enter to the Moscow Academic Lyceum of Russian Academy of Arts. I passed my exams there. It was not that easy thing you know. But finally I entered this wonderful place where pupils were studying general as well as special subjects like painting, drawing, composition and e.c.
I studied there seven years and then more six years at University where I’ve devoted myself to children’s book illustration. Every year we passed special exam — illustration of book. My final work was «The Wind In The Willows» and the project with gift postcards!
Now I have a lot of work.
Recently we’ve opened a studio with different workshops and possibility to paint there.
Now I have great plans for the future.

location: Moscow, Secret Artists Place.