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 Stylish, modern and very photogenic brasserie. Thanks to big windows and super cool wallpaper with banana leaves (and also marble tables on the second  level), this place rapidly became one of the most favorite spot to be instagramed at.

Nowdays this is of course could be the big part of success, but we still think that the most important part is breakfast.

Pate&Co works both for early breakfast during the week (starting from 8am and up to 12pm) and late breakfast during weekend (starting from 10am and up tp 4pm). We recommend to come with friends and try everything! J As for us, we always go for benedict eggs (rather with crab or with salmon) and cottage cheese pancakes. Not very original, but so delicious!

Address: ul. Balchug 3/2


Monday-Friday 8am-12am

Saturday-Sunday 10am-12am

By ZAZAVTRACOM, 17.05.2017 Hi, my name is Julie. I’m based in Moscow and I’m the founder of zazavtracom. Zazavtracom project started back in May 2011 as a lead-up for upcoming photo exhibition in San Francisco. Then it turned out as a blog. Now we’re steadily growing (at least we try to) to share with you our two main passions – breakfasts and beautiful interesting people. Hope you’ll enjoy it and will find out tips and guides useful. As zazavtracom is not my main profession/occupation, please forgive me when you don’t see updates as often as you wish to. I’m trying to do my best.;)

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