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bagel with salmon and some fresh grapefruit juice.


who: Saint-Germain co-founder, creative director Draw&Go Studio.

what’s on your mind: Japanese costume and rain.

share your absolutely most fav place in Moscow: Black Market.

location: Moscow, Denis Simachev Shop&Bar.


By ZAZAVTRACOM, 20.08.2015 Hi, my name is Julie. I’m based in Moscow and I’m the founder of zazavtracom. Zazavtracom project started back in May 2011 as a lead-up for upcoming photo exhibition in San Francisco. Then it turned out as a blog. Now we’re steadily growing (at least we try to) to share with you our two main passions – breakfasts and beautiful interesting people. Hope you’ll enjoy it and will find out tips and guides useful. As zazavtracom is not my main profession/occupation, please forgive me when you don’t see updates as often as you wish to. I’m trying to do my best.;)

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